How to rollback

• Oct 24, 2019 - 01:09

How do you rollback your version of Musescore? I am trying to revert to the version I had before the current one (3.0.5)
(it's the constant tearing, occasional crashes, and being force panned to the previous page or to the far right of the document very often when I input something.)

The only problem 3.0.5 gave me was that I had to open Musescore from the specific document I wanted to open in File Explorer since using the .exe always crashed it.


I'm confused. You are saying 3.0.5 gave you fewer problems than 3.2.3? That's pretty unheard of, hundreds of bugs were fixed since then. Have you reported any of the problems you have seen? I see one post from you but it appears to be about a score that is in error, nothing to do with the version of MuseScore. I see something about scrolling on changing duration, but I'm not aware of any changes made recently that could affect that, could be connected to corruption in that score. In order to investigate, we'd need you to attach the score and precise steps to reproduce.

Overall, though 3.2.3 is absolutely by far much more stable - less likely to crash, less likely to corrupt a score - than 3.0.5 was. 3.0.5 had a number of extremely serious issues with corrupting scores, etc.

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Of course this is just my experience.

The document that I am working on is relatively on the large side (so far 400-500 measures in, for an orchestra)
Often when I input Palette notations, or rests, ect. the program locks up for a few seconds, (cursor turns into the loading wheel), this happens to me more frequently than it did in what I believe was 3.0.5. (This is for Page View, Continuous View is the clear winner in my experience in 3.2.3, I only use continuous when inputting notes for an instrument that isn't present on the current page, then change back to Page View, too many instrument parts.)

Some of the times after the program finishes loading, and the cursor turns back from the loading wheel to the arrow, I get panned to the previous page, or the far right, the amount of times this happens seems to vary, sometimes it happens very frequently, other times it barely happens.

The file itself opens up, and plays just fine (though I do make periodic backups and keep them all), it's just while working on it that I get more performance issues than what the previous version I had did. The previous version only required me to go to File Explorer and open it from there as the .exe would open Musescore, ask if I would like to open the previous session, and then crash. But opening from the .mscz file directly worked fine.

I only recently updated for the first time since early 2019.

Yup the other post was about this and a feature that I was unaware of.

Oh, and I have more than enough RAM ect. for Musescore

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We'd love to investigate the issues you are seeing, but we'd need you to attach your score and give us precise instructions to reproduce.

Again, while there have been hundreds of issues fixed - including some really critical ones you would not want to have to face (inability to move autoplaced symbols freely? double time signatures? undeletable key signatures? corrupt tuplets? concert pitch button totally fubaring your score, etc, etc, etc) - there haven't been any changes I can think of that ould explain what you are describing. I think you may find it's actually just that your score has gotten bigger since you used 3.0.5, and that's what bogging things down.

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