How do i add the sound effect for thunder?

• Oct 27, 2019 - 00:10

I am transcribing a piece which has thunder in it as a sound effect. I was wondering if musescore has a way to get this sound effect.
Thank you


You would need to find a soundfont that includes thunder. Add an instrument , change it's name to thunder then assign the sound to it in the mixer.

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Soundfont editors are for changing things and correcting mistakes in the soundfonts. For good quality soundfonts, like FatBoy and GeneralUser GS, you don't need any editor, just the program where you use it, like MuseScore.

Just in case you want to learn, I recommend Polyphone:
Attention: if the file has extension .SF2 with capital letters, change it to .sf2 before opening it in Polyphone!!

I hope to add the sound of car klaxon into Tijuana Taxi in the same way as the original music by Tijuana Brass.But I cannot find its sound font. If you know it, will you tell me the name of sound font.

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