timpani tuning indications

• Oct 30, 2019 - 21:18

before an orchestral score reaches the actual piece, timpani tunings are indicated so that the timpanist knows how to tune, it would be nice if the musescore team added this ass an option for timpanis

the file below shows an example from holst's "the planets"

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In case it isn't already apparent, you can do this today just by creating that notation somewhere than pausing the image capture tool to grab it as a graphic then pasting it.

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As mike320 guess, I meant "using".

To paste a graphic into MuseScore, simply use Ctrl+C while in the image capture tool to copy it to your clipboard, then click a note, rest, or frame in the other score and press Ctrl+V to paste. You can also drag & drop if you've already saved the graphic to a file, but that step wasn't necessary. See the handbook under Images for more info.

That's a very old school publisher approach that made sense BITD because of typesetting and also how left margins were often used for notes or additional information.

It doesn't seem to make the same sense these days and not sure why to use this (and force all other instruments over just for timpani tunings) other than for historical reconstruction.

A clear and modern approach would be to simply spell the tunings.
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If more specific...
Screen Shot 2019-11-02 at 5.52.37 PM.png

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