Lyrics & Chords being switched.

• Nov 7, 2019 - 19:05

Using the LATEST RELEASE as of today on Mac. I am doing lead sheets, ...... right. So chord symbols go above the staff, the lyrics go below. So after putting them in and it's all good I do something like transpose the whole tune and all of a sudden lyrics and chords are splattered everywhere, some are missing entirely mostly lyrics are appearing above (but not all of them) and the chords are appearing below. It's a royal pain to put it back to rights again. Should I revert to the previous build, or is there something I can do to avoid fix this? THANK YOU. P.S. Sometimes it loses repeat brackets too. I put 'em in, I see 'em in there, I do something else and then they are gone. But I think the previous build also did this, and it's not as big a deal to fix. Enclosing a sample musescore file, I have hopefully fixed everything visually but maybe there are bad things down in the guts of it.

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This score was not made on the latest release so none of what you have said applies to version 3.3 which is the latest release.

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The score was last saved using 2.3.2 which means it was never opened using version 3.anything unless you exported it to xml yourself and reopened it in version 2.3.2.

As for full forward compatibility, that exists to the extent that MuseScore will always open a score saved in a previous version. There are changes that have always been made that may affect the display of some items. Having said that, I opened the score and transposed it in version 3.3 and it looked correct. Version 2.3.2 is no longer being updated, so there is nothing that can be done about problems you may have with that.

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That's alright. "I have the latest version" has been claimed many times when it wasn't true here in the forums. I used this version and tried a couple of different ways to transpose with no problems. Can you give steps to reproduce the problem?

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I didn't write down every single thing. Roughly, I loaded the Am version which I believe had previously been saved in 2.3.2 from the Wikifonia mxl dump. I changed the chord symbol thingee to jazz style. I added some additional chords, hand changed all the m's to - and the Maj7's to t's etc., corrected the punctuation of the lyrics then transposed it to Fm. I was changing the enharmonic double flat chords to something theoretically incorrect but more useful when I noticed the chords and lyrics were in disarray. I'm sure it will happen again.

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Your "Slow Hot Wind AM.mscz" file did not have a Db9#11 chord, so apparently it was the wrong file. I looked at it anyway and noticed that it came from the Wikifonia collection. Many of these files are rife with mistakes. For example, there's a Bmi7 and an E7-9 chord entered as Staff text rather than as Chord Symbols. As such they will exhibit different behavior with regard to positioning on the score as well as tranposition of the chord name (transposition won't happen with staff text).

Since your new score, 'Slow Hot Wind Fm.mscz", is based on the first one, the first thing to do would be to reset the positions of the score elements by using Ctrl+A (to select all) followed by Ctrl+R (to re-set all).
This will bring score elements like lyrics or chord symbols back to a 'default' layout from which you can add the 'finishing touches' if necessary. Then saving and re-opening should present no issues.

Alternatively, you can do it piecemeal by right clicking a score element like chord symbol then Select -> All Similar Elements and then use Ctrl+R to reset only the chord symbols. Next, reset lyrics the same way.
This way might be better if you have many elements like slurs, ties, hairpins that you may not want set back to defaults. (Though this is not necessarily the case for a lead sheet.)

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Thank you for your answer. Reset was just the ticket. Yes the original Am version came from Wikifonia and I am aware that those have every kind of errors, but in general it's faster than starting with nothing. I noticed that some "chords" were not even real chords as you pointed out, so I fixed that before I transposed it.

How can you tell that it came from Wikifonia?

I guess it isn't that big a deal given that you can do Resets. but it is pretty disconcerting when it looks like someone stuck an eggbeater in it after the transpose.

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