How to use the Liturgical Unmetrical template

• Nov 27, 2019 - 15:13

I have been searching through the help files to find information on using this template. Is there a special section for this topic?


What specific questions do you have? Producing unmetrical music isn't just about a template, it's also about combining and splitting measures to get the music to lay out the way you want in terms of where the line break are, etc. Can you attach your best attempt so far and explain what you'd like to do next?

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Okay, here is my latest attempt. I want to use the portrait layout, so I reduced the page settings. However, this make the lyrics extremely small and I would prefer a 3 stanza layout as in the original PDF. Perhaps this is not possible. They way things are now, correct me if I am wrong; MS sees two measures and we crammed into one measure 36-8th counts and 7-8th counts in the last measure.

If I want a 3 stanza layout, is it just a matter of joining and splitting measures?

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By "stanza" I think you really mean "system". So yes, split the measure where you want the systems to break. They might still fit on one line by default, but then just add a system break. The goal will be to end up with one measure per system, so you want your measure breaks to be where you want your line breaks to be. You don't need your music to be anywhere near as small as you have made it.

For example, the original breaks in the middle of the word "believers", so split your measure there too, and add a line break. It fits just fine at the original (default) staff size.

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