Palm Mutes

• Jul 13, 2010 - 10:45

Can they already be made? if not, can you make them usable please


Can you explain what a palm mute is ? Can you attach the symbol (it it's a symbol...) ?
What do you mean by usable? if you mean playback can you give more details?

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I don't know what a palm mute does on playback. Of course, using a line will not work on playback.
Are you using a prerelease of MuseScore 0.9.7 with guitar tab capabilities?

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Let ring and palm mute are both in the master palette in the current release. You will need to press shift+F9 (or Z) to view the master palette and you can drag these symbols to the lines palette or apply them to the score directly from the master palette.

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There are guitars with more than 1 channel. You can use one of those change the sound on one of the channels to mute guitar (or something similar) then use staff text as explained in to set it to muted then to normal as needed. If you are going to use the lines, then you can make this text invisible by selecting it a pressing v.

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