Small Trill Line

• Jan 9, 2020 - 11:36

I often use the "Small" option in the Inspector for notes I place for alternate voicing of lyrics or phrases I wish to add to to a single stave score so they don't clutter up the sheet.

It works great and I noticed recently that much to my delight, certain symbols also are effected by the "Small" setting, however Lines are not.

In my particular application, I have trills in the 2nd voicings. The "Tr" symbol is "sizable" so I have that small like the notes it effects, however a "Trill Line" is not sizeable. I need a "small" trill line over a several measures of tied notes, but I can't make it small to match the other elements in those measures.

I realize the trill plays for the entire duration of the tied notes but I'd like to have the trill line on the score regardless.

Is there a way to resize the Trill Line that I am missing or is there a way I could use another sizeable ornament to accomplish the same thing strictly for viewing purposes?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions you can offer!


First add the 'tr' from the Ornaments palette (has no trill line). In the Inspector, set the 'chord' small and the 'tr' becomes small.

Now, to construct the line...
There is a 'trill wiggle segment' in the Symbols palette in 'Multi-segment lines' (or type 'trill' in the search box). You can create staff text and keep double clicking on the trill wiggle segment to 'grow' a trill line. The size can be adjusted (as text size can be adjusted).


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Double click the trill symbol. Now there are some squares above and a red dot on the first line of the staff. By pressing Shift+RightArrow you can elongate the trill line into the next measures, note by note.
But you are right, only segments can be added to the trill line while the symbol size can't be changed.

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