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• Feb 5, 2020 - 09:10

I need to change the Horns in C part to Horns in F. However, when I do so, the Horns in F don't play, but the ones in C do. Why?


Can you elaborate more on which steps you're taking? Perhaps combined with sharing a sample score?

If you'd actually changed the Horns in C to be Horns in F; then there wouldn't be a Horns in C left.. Which already makes me struggle with your 2nd sentence.

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So in my Oboe Concerto in the First Movement I have horns in C. Then for the Second Movement I change them to horns in F. Then in the Finale I change them back to C horns.
And the horns in neither the 2nd nor the Finale movements have playback sound
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There's quite some things going on there. First off, I'm going to assume you're using non default/standard soundfonts for some of your instruments? As I open up that score, I find that all strings have been set to "Grand Piano" playback sound, as well as the first and second channels of your Horns instrument. Only the 3rd and last channel of it is set to the "French Horns Expr." sound.

2nd thing is that you seem to be using a lot of invisibility workarounds to cover up not having used sections breaks at the end of a section. If you were to use them, then there wouldn't be any courtesy keys/time signatures and measure numbering of the next part would automatically restart (but you can change that in the break properties should you choose to) (See

So all you probably need to do is to go into the mixer, make sure to expand the horn instrument and select the desired sound for each channel (which is created/added by the change instrument instruction).

But in the end though, the way I would've approached this is to add both a Horn in C as well as a Horn in F instrument, and then make use of the "Hide empty staves" options to only show the relevant instrument in the relevant section.

[EDIT] started typing this reply and then dayjob happened; feel free to ignore this as you've had your answer already :)

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