Can't add under-staff notation

• Mar 26, 2014 - 01:03

I can't figure out how to phrase this, but I want to add in notation such as "ritardando," "giocoso," ect. Any words that contribute to the feel or tempo of the piece. I don't care if MuseScore plays the music with the instruction provided, because as someone pointed out on another forum, that would be really difficult to program. But I would like to be able to hand my friend a printed version of this score without having to hand write in every "ritardando," "accelerando," "legato," etc. I know there is a way to enter text under a specific note, but I've tried all of the options I could find and they didn't work. Is it [Create-->Text-->Something]? Every time I try to do this, it tells me to select a specific note and try again, but I can't figure out how to select the note.
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Click on the note. Press 'L'. Double-click on a word (dynamic) from the palette. Click on the X button at the corner of the window to close the palette. You can edit those words just like any other. I often use "espressivo" (since it essentially means nothing anyway) and then I change it.

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you can also
Click on the note
Press "ctrl" + T
write the text you exactly want

as you have written all texts , if you want them "italic" (or something else) right click on one , then "select" -> "all similar text" (from the same staff or not) and then right clik again and "properties of the text" and you can modify as you want all your staff texts to be ^^

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I've been sweating bricks over this problem ... I need to label variations as 1 2 3 etc. I've been considering cut and paste with another program and transferring copy back and forth. I managed to use the subtitle and lyricist as "Variations" and move them around. But I only got two that way. This is so simple and so easy to work with. Heck I'll go ahead and write a few more of those variations just to celebrate.

Two methods have been suggested above. With the first, you enter a dynamic, say "fff", and change the text, to say "accelerando". The trouble is, playback will still play fff, even though the name has changed.

The second method, as Lamardelmy suggested, is to add pure text "accelerando", anchored to a note. I believe that this is the proper method for your needs, until the time that "accelerando" is added as a dynamics option.

I think that new users should first use the menus, rather than learning a large bunch of keyboard shortcuts. That way you get a logical view of how MuseScore (or any other program) works. Here's how you do it. Select the note by left click. Click on Create/Text/Staff-Text. Enter your text (changing font as desired). The text will most likely not be where you want it. Finally, left click on the new text, and drag it to the position you want.

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