Different left/hand hand dynamics

• Sep 23, 2016 - 09:46

How can I specify more volume on the right hand than the left?

I attach an example.

The left hand riff needs to be more subdued to allow the right hand melody (especially the final right hand semi-breve A) to cut through the left hand D Minor chord...

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Dear Jeetee,

Thanks for the link - when I select a that note or a stave, I can't see any options in the Inspector to allow me to change the dynamics to only apply to that note or stave.

i append two screen shots:

1. With a note selected
2. With the bass stave selected

Neither of these seems to give me an option to apply special dynamics to a stave (or note)... Capture.JPG

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Here's an extract of the opening bars. I'm looking for the right hand to be much softer than the pedal part (I've deliberately skewed the two dynamics to emphasise the missing difference in volume). They're both selected to apply to stave in the Inspector. What have I missed?
If I can sort out these bars, I can apply it to the whole piece...

Thanks for your help :)

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