How to greatly expedite audio export

Go to Edit/Preferences/Export and turn off normalization. Normalization isn't a good thing anyway— it makes a full orchestral pieces with a huge tutti to quiet and it makes lighter scoring too loud—but this process also takes a very long time. If you are saving online with audio, or exporting audio, the process goes much faster with normalization off. I know that some people value this function, but I just wanted to help out some users that would like to export audio more quickly.


Normalization is "the best thing" if you're going to further post-process audio or if the audio is the completely finished track. As with any option, it might not be the right tool for the job depending on what your job actually is.

Normalization requires a 2nd pass over the audio, so yes it makes exporting "faster", just as driving 5 miles with your car will be "faster" than driving the same road twice...

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I thought it was a process to make all audio files about the volume, and I think that I was mostly correct. The one problem is that it assumes that all peaks should be equal, which is wrong. This is only really an issue in multi-movement pieces where not all movements have the same peak. For other purposes (e.g. compensating for mic disparities or setting different size ensembles on the level for convenience) it seems to be a good thing.

Normalization shouldn't ever make anything quieter. All it does it raise levels to make sure the peak is the nominal peak expected in CD mastering, broadcast, etc.

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