Replacing Dynamic Markings using Palette (Single Click)

• Apr 30, 2020 - 23:51
Reported version
P2 - Medium
Ergonomical (UX)
S5 - Suggestion

When a dynamic marking (pp, p, mp, f, etc.) in the score is selected and the user clicks on a different dynamic marking in the palette, replace the selected marking with the one that was clicked on in the palette.

This would make editing them just a little bit easier, more comfortable and more intuitive.


Title Replacing Dynamic Markings using Palette Replacing Dynamic Markings using Palette (Single Click)
Workaround No Yes
Frequency Few
Reproducibility Always

The current Workaround is to just delete the dynamic marking, then select the appropriate note/rest and then go to palette and select a new dynamic marking.
I definitely support this suggestion because I expected it to be the default behavior the first time that I tried to change dynamics from an existing one to a slightly different one e.g. f -> mf. I think this suggestion would make changing existing dynamics much more intuitive and the several clicks saved would be worth it.

Type Functional Ergonomical (UX)
Priority P2 - Medium

The way we classify them, it's Ergonomical. It works as designed, but a better design is being proposed. I supposed it. I even started to implement it a few months ago and got it working for layout (that's trivial) but I didn't know enough about the playback code to get that working.

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Dear time-traveller Marc, thank you so much for the fast reply. I'm amazed that MuseScore staff such as yourself can reply to comments nearly 6 hours before they were posted.
Time-zone glitches aside, thank you very much for being so quick to reply and being so active in the forums, I really appreciate that MuseScore has experienced staff like you that help both new and experienced users and address bugs/feature requests with lightning speed.
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