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• Apr 25, 2014 - 09:36

It appears Musescore cannot have on one staff stems for the top voice pointing up and lower voice pointing down. For classical guitar, this is a must for technique. I'm compiling a tutor for little kids and need to 'do it right'. No use having the notation written incorrectly and telling a 5-year old, "don't do as I show, do as I say." If Musescore can't, I'll have to find software that can. Can anyone please help?


MuseScore can do that and even does so by default; Voice 1 and 3 have stems up, voice 2 and 4 stem down. If there is just voice 1, stem direction depends on pitch though.
And you can either change that default or just change it for individual chords (select note, 'x')

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Tangential question. In the sample above, measure 1, beat 4, there is only one 1/8 note rest visible (between the two E5's). Same elsewhere in the score. MuseScore will superimpose the two rests from voice 1 and voice 2. I would normally move one up parallel to the 1/4 note rest, so that I can see both, as to me it's clearer. Any explanation of this? Some convention, personal taste, oversight...?

thank you for replies. My musescore does default as you say in the tab (Display - page) but not in practice. The score you posted is what I need to be able to do. So any help would really be appreciated.
I'd like to post an attempt as you suggest but unsure how - sorry, I'm 'bbc' - born before computers and find this quite challenging ;)

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