Planning for a MuseScore 2.3 release
• 2 weeks ago

On April 3rd we released MuseScore 2.2.1. As stated in the announcement, the next major version of MuseScore, version 3.0, is still in the works. It’s big endeavor to make MuseScore smarter, faster and easier to use.

In the meantime, we are continuing to further develop the new MuseScore_General SoundFont and quality of playback based on the input and insights of the community.

One area of playback where there has been considerable feedback has been percussion (especially

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Anatoly-os Strings Freeze for MuseScore 2.2
• 1 month ago

MuseScore user interface is available in 64 languages. Right now only 18 translations are 90% or more complete. We want to make sure that as many translations are completed for the release.

To give translators a head start, a "Strings Freeze" for MuseScore 2.2 is now on. Starting from now, we will not change or add any string in the code. Any string you translate now, will end up in MuseScore 2.2!

If you want to know how complete the

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lasconic Help us improve the sounds in MuseScore
• 1 month ago

Hello fellow MuseScorers! This is S. Christian Collins, virtual instrument designer and creator of the GeneralUser GS SoundFont. I have been asked by MuseScore to make some major upgrades to the default SoundFont for the next version of MuseScore (and beyond).

My goals for the new SoundFont include:
1. Improve the quality of the instrument sounds, starting with those most frequently used in scoring.
2. Address known issues with the current SoundFont, including notes that are out of tune, and

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s.chriscollins MuseScore joins Ultimate Guitar
• 2 months ago

Cross post from the MuseScore blog.

Dear all,

Today we’d like to share important news with you concerning MuseScore.

Ten years ago we (Werner, Nicolas and Thomas) started working on MuseScore with the mission to democratise access to sheet music. The plan came in two steps. First by developing free music notation software for everyone, then followed by a platform to upload and share sheet music. The latter is a commercial service which sustained the development of the free

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Thomas Join MuseScore for Google Summer of Code 2018
• 2 months ago

MuseScore has been selected again to be part of Google Summer of Code 2018 (GSoC) with 211 other open source organisations! If you are a student and you have aspirations to help improve the open source MuseScore notation software during the summertime (May 14 to August 14), this is a unique opportunity to work together with the MuseScore developers and get paid for it. Learn how GSoC works and read through the student guide.

If you are considering applying,

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lasconic Preparing MuseScore 2.2
• 2 months ago

The next version of MuseScore will be MuseScore 2.2. It will come with many bug fixes and some new features and will be compatible both ways with the 2.X serie. The release note is a work in progress but you can have a glimpse here

To release MuseScore 2.2 as soon as possible, we need your help. How? Read along.

Translating MuseScore

For MuseScore 2.2, we changed some sentences and added a couple hundreds new strings. If you can read

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lasconic MuseScore developer gathering at FOSDEM 2018
• 3 months ago

Just like last year, we are having a developer meetup again in Brussels at FOSDEM. If you don't know about FOSDEM yet, it's the largest European open source developer conference taking place in the weekend of Feb 3rd and 4th. MuseScore will have a stand there, among many other large and small open source projects. It's the perfect event to learn more about the world of free and open source software, and get to meet the developers

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Thomas Paid transcription opportunity: Freelance coordinator for OpenScore sub-project / university research project
• 3 months ago

We are delighted to announce a paid opportunity for a freelance coordinator to manage an OpenScore sub-project, funded by the University of Cambridge Arts and Humanities Impact Fund 2017/18. The project will be co-supervised by Mark Gotham of the University of Cambridge, and Peter Jonas from OpenScore.

The Project

This project will contribute a collection of 19th Century Lieder (by Schubert, Schumann and others) to the OpenScore collection, making the songs freely available to everyone, and accessible in

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shoogle Google Summmer of Code 2017, 2 months done, 1 to go !
• 8 months ago

As you may know, MuseScore is part of Google Summer of Code 2017. During the past two months, we had 4 students working on 4 projects to make MuseScore better ! Let me give you an overview of the current status and what to expect in the next month.


divya-urs, mentored by Marc Sabatella, worked on improving accessibility in MuseScore 3. Her first job was to make it easier to navigate through every element of a score with

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lasconic OpenScore: First editions available! How to submit scores.
9 months ago • 35 comments

So far our Kickstarter campaign has raised 65% of the funding required to make OpenScore a success, and we only have 10 days left to get to 100%. Kickstarter funding is all-or-nothing, so if we don’t reach the target then we won't be able to review your contributions and turn them into OpenScore editions. You can help us by sharing the campaign on social media, telling all of your friends about it, and backing it if you can.



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