XML read error

• Feb 28, 2016 - 17:55

When I try to open a file I wrote two weeks ago I get the following load error:

Cannot read file E:/musescore2/xsantalucia.mscz: bad format
XML read error at line 601 column 20:

How can I read the file to find out what's wrong?

File attached.


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xsantalucia.mscz 18.06 KB


An MSCZ file is just a ZIP archive containing a plain text file in XML format, ending in the extension MSCX (plus a few other things you can ignore). So you can open the MSCZ in your favorite ZIP program and extract the MSCX file from within it and take a look.

In this case, the problem is the text "&" within a volta - there is a bug in the current version of MuseScore where this causes the problem you are seeing. To fix it, just change that to "&" in the text editor you use to open the MSCX file. The bug itself is already fixed for the next versio of MuseScore - see #93911: & in Volta text corrupts score.

I'll encourage you to try this yourself, since it sounds like you're up for the task, but if I'm wrong, I or someone else would be happy to fix it for you :-) EDIT: ooops, too late :-)

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