slides, pulloffs, and hammerons from musicxml

• Mar 2, 2016 - 17:05

Slides, pulloffs and hammerons seem to be modeled as musical slurs. So when you hammer between a note and a note in a chord, the slur arc is drawn between the first note and the top of the chord. This is a well known and often reported problem. The solution is to *NOT* model slides, hammers and pulloffs as musical slurs for the same reason ties are not modeled that way. A slide, pulloff and hammeron are relationships between notes on the *SAME* string, and a musical slur is something else.

For now, I have over 350 banjo tabs I'm converting to Musescore, using MusicXML. Is there an easy way to adjust the slur arcs to always go horizontal (like ties). I have to do this for hundreds of files so any help would be greatly appreciated. Dragging the right side of thousands of arcs is not going to work for me.

I guess I'm looking for a "make_all_slurs_look_like_ties_in_tablature" option

Thanks for your help.

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I'm not super familiar with guitar-specific notation, but is there a reaosn you are using slurs in the first place for this? Why note use slides or some other notation MuseScore supports that are designed to connect specific notes?

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MusicXml has defined the syntax for slides, hammerons and pulloffs on the following page:

Musescore reads this xml without any errors and sets up the musical slurs correctly.

The problem (I think?) is that Musescore needs a new type of slur (lets call it a tie_slur) that should always be used for hammerons, pulloffs and slides. The tie_slur is an arc between the
2 notes regardless of whether one or both of the notes are in a chord (just like a tie).

You can correct these slurs by flipping them with keyboard "X." There is a bug in MuseScore 2.0.2 which misaligns flipped slurs in this case, but this appears to have been fixed in the latest nightlies (2.0.3):


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thank you. This is much better but still looks a little strange to me. I guess you get used to seeing things a certain way -- every tab book I've ever seen draws the arcs the other way.

I was playing around and found that it is easy to fix the slurs if you first zoom in as far as you can. This way you can see the control points on the curves.

Having a keyboard shortcut that moves the slur's right/left control point to the next note in the chord would be a great addition.

However, this problem has been reported several different times so I'm sure it will get fixed some day.

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