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• Apr 3, 2011 - 19:36

In version 1.0 I am glad to see that you can now specify the starting page number of a piece. (Say you wanted to print the second movement of something which is in a separate file from the12 page first movement. Now you can specify that the second movement begin page numbering with 13. Great feature.)

Incidentally, printers call the printed number the “folio,” whether or not it is the actual page number. The publication may well start with introductory pages prior to folio number one.

A minor problem is that, especially with longer works, when printing it can become confusing which pages are being printed. The print menu refers only to the actual page number(s), not the folio number.

It is not so bad to work with when you print the entire movement in one session. But if you are interrupted and have to resume later or need to reprint only a portion, it can be difficult to identify and specify exactly which page(s) you want. There may even be a bug or two in the process since I had quite a bit of trouble recently.

It is still a great feature and badly needed. But I wonder if somehow both the page number and the folio number could be indicated somewhere. All you can do now is scroll to the bottom of the page and see the folio number. Despite doing the math, I have found it all to easy to miscalculate the actual page number(s).

But being able to specify the starting folio is a great step forward. Thanks again.



I'm not sure to understand you. Let's take an example: I have a score whose first page is numbered "87" (it is the fourth part of whole book and the three previous parts contains the previous 86 pages); if I understand you correctly, "87" is the folio number, where "1" would be the actual number; correct?

Well, with MuseScore 1.0, to print the, say, second, third and fourth pages of that score, I have to put in the Print dialogue box the range 88-90, i.e. the folio numbers or, in other words, the page numbers which are actually printed in the score and are actually displayed on screen while looking at it.

My scores very often begin with page number other than 1 and I regularly need to print only some pages and this always works, but under Windows and under Linux (Ubuntu 9.10).

So, to my experience, MuseScore does exactly what you are asking for; or am I missing something?


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No, you are not missing something. But I was.

I had said, “The print menu refers only to the actual page number(s), not the folio number.” Wrong. No wonder I was having problems earlier.

The print menu refers to the folio numbers, which is exactly what is needed. I misunderstood and apologize for wasting your time. But now I realize that it works perfectly. If I need to print only certain pages, I can specify the folio numbers (the page numbers printed at the bottom of the pages) regardless of what the actual page numbers are of that particular movement.

Thanks for the clarification. You just made my life easier.

So, an unqualified hats off to the new change in version 1.0. Very well done in all respects.

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