Beam accross measures

• Apr 4, 2011 - 10:46

I have a 3/4 piece. I the first measure 5 1/8 notes are in one beam. I want to have the 6th 1/8 note in the first measure to make a beam with the first 4 notes in the second measure... But this seems to be impossible.

Does anyone have a solution?


Click on the second 8th note, press shift and click on the 4th 8th notes in the second measure. Then go to the beam palette and double click the second element "middle beam".

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Thanks, but that does not help. See both figures attached.
When I select the note in the first measure together with the 4 notes in the second measureand then double click "middle beam' I get one beam spanning also the first 5 notes in the first measure.
What I want is: a beam of 5 notes in the first measure and a second beam of 5 notes starting with the sixth note of the first measure...

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