Wanting to try to build musescore for the first time, but blocked

• Mar 13, 2016 - 16:10

Ok, this may not be the best place to raise this question, but I didn't want to subscribe to the mailing list at this stage.

I started to follow the instructions given in the developers handbook (Compile instructions (Windows - MinGW) - Git) and got stopped at the first step, well the second since I already have 7zip !

The link to the Qt download page is transformed to something else where the questions being asked left me puzzled as to what I should be choosing.
It probably doesn't help with me being down with the flu at present !

Can any helpful advice be given here as to what to do to get the dev environment successfully up and running ?


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Ok, as the top of the page starts with a number of questions, like what do you want Qt for, I hadn't scrolled down to the bottom of the page.
This is where it talks about open source stuff.
Clicking on the "Get Started" button, takes me to the online installer.
Sorry to have made a fuss for nothing !

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