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• Mar 15, 2016 - 18:12

I refer to this (see attached * .png in this post):
I looked for information and found this:
the arrowhead follows the downsizing of the line but it is left behind when uses Allow diagonal (see attached)

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Glad to see that I am not alone in wanting lines with arrowheads at one or both ends; and, in case I didn't say so, editable!
I am a Mac user and have found a way round this issue by using "Shapes" in Pages a Mac App! By using Shapes I simply choose a line from the palette and edit it in multiple ways - line thickness and length, arrow head at one or both ends, rotation to any angle desired - on completion I simply copy, click a note in MuseScore (It doesn't seem to matter what note) and paste! Hey presto job done! I can then drag it to exactly where I want it and save. In the case of diagonal lines you may have to edit your line a few times - Shapes - to get it exact! I use two screens and with MuseScore on one and Shapes/Pages on the other it doesn't take long to get int right. I am very impressed with the results I have obtained. Hope this helps?

Bill Brady

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Thanks Bill for your answer. I read your post (12, 2016 - 4:52 pm) and I remembered the Italian forum (I have only reported a question required by a professional).
Your solution is certainly valid and it will be useful for someone.
No one is Alone, especially on this forum ;-)
Best regards and... buona musica.

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