An arrow line in the line palette

• Jul 9, 2015 - 16:20

I would like to see an arrow line in the line palette: just like the strum arrow, perhaps, but the default would be horizontal and pointing to the right. The arrow would have the same settings as any other line in the inspector: continuous, dotted, dashed, wavy etc. The line should have a diagonal setting and be adjustable with handles just like any other line.


No doubt there should be an easier way, but you can do it now by going to Line Properties and setting the "end" text to "sym arrowheadBlackRight /sym", with angle brackets around the "sym" and "/sym". You can then add this to your custom palette and reuse as you see fit.

Is this a standard symbol used in published music? If so, it could be considered for includion in the default palette ("Advanced" workspace presumably).

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Feel free to search the symbols palette for an arrowhead you like better; if there is a glyph for it, you can use it.

It's true the arrow won't rotate, though. It's not necessarily a bug that text doens't rotate with the line - often, you don't want it to - but it should probably be an option.

EDIT: sorry, now I see what you mean - not only does it not rotate, but it doesnb't move, either. That seems like a bug.

I did file an issue for this (lines can't be rotated after setting diagonal in Inspector) and added to it a few hours ago. But the issue has disappeared or been merged with something else! I can refile it if needed.

I would like to suggest, as an alternative, a facility to put a black arrowhead at the end of a line (as you do currently with a hook). The line (and arrowhead) would be fully rotateable. Finale has just such a symbol which suggests there is a need for it.

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