wavy lines don't draw diagonal, regardless of the setting of "allow diagonal"

• Dec 2, 2014 - 15:28
S4 - Minor

when I insert a wavy line or any other type of line in the inspector it has a tab to "Allow Diagonal" . When I click on the wavy line and move the pointers to a diagonal position, the line stays horizontal to the staff. Is this an issue or are there just certain things that can be used diagonally.



I found a work around using the Master Palette then selecting Symbols. Under this list you will find wavy lines diagonally left/right, small/medium/large. Just click on the image and import it to the score. Seemed to work for my needs.

Also used the same technique to add lines over staffs with drop lines at end.

Paul W Hewitt Sr

If by "drop lines" you mean the hooks such as appear in pedal markings and ottava, you can create those more directly - add a line from the palette, right click, line properties.

The first image attached is what I am trying to put into my score.

The second image is what happens when I try using symbols from the Master Palette. The problem is that the diagonal symbols in the Master Palette are not meant to be adjusted from their angle of slope as far as I can tell, so if the notes on the score are far enough apart or too close together you can't get these to be continuous.

I know this is a pretty obscure usage, but as is my usual luck I encountered it.

As a purely practical matter, if I were you, I'd skip the waves, and do that using the "fall" element from the Arpeggios and Glissandi palette, bending it into shape.

I suspect the wavy line (which is actually a form of "trill" internally, not a plain line) was never meant to be allowed to go diagonal. But we clearly can do diagonal wavy lines for glissandi, so it must be possible.

The master palette worked for me because the music I was transposing had a single note at the beginning of the phrase that had a gliss up notation before it. It's not a slide up or drop, especially on a valved brass instrument.

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