Mode of "phyrgian" in xml key-mode causes measures not to parse

• Mar 25, 2016 - 23:25

All sorts of incorrect duration parse errors generated by a score with a key/mode of phrygian -- have not tried other non major/minor modes yet. Expected behavior is the drop the "mode" tag if unknown.


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Have you tried with a current (nightly) build? There was a bug involving modes other than major or minor that was fixed a while back, should be in the 2.0.3 builds.

The current trunk does not generate duration mode errors on this file. It does report "Unsupported mode 'phrygian'" on the console, but imports the file as if it had key/mode 0/major.

As I am not very familiar with the unusual modes, could anyone explain the required behaviour ? Would ignoring the mode and simply use the key be sufficient ? This basically only suppresses the error messages.

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