How do I reduce latency \ lag \ delay when playing Musescore via a USB MIDI keyboard on Windows 10?

• Mar 27, 2016 - 09:54

Even though I have zero lag when playing my keyboard into my DAW (Reaper) and have an external ASIO soundcard, Musecore still has an impractical delay when I play into it.

I've tried all IO port audio options (and restarted) and none improve the delay. Choosing ASIO doesn't work at all - it plays the audio all broken.

What to do?


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MuseScore doesn't have real time MIDI input, nor is it's synthesizer intended to be for real-time performance. So I'd recommend simply using the right tool for that job - a sequencer, or use the built-in sounds ont he keyboard - when you want to just play music rather than enter notation.

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I hope I'm not necroing this thread too badly, however I wanted to add something here:

I find that WASAPI gives an acceptable level of latency for playing a midi controller. I understand that WASAPI isn't currently implemented, but I wanted to put my voice behind a request that this be considered.

Mr Sabatella, I think that Musescore is the right tool for the job, in fact, using a midi controller to play and compose directly in the notation editor, and then to quickly notate what you've just figured out, this is perhaps the best workflow for composers. Certainly, if Musescore implemented WASAPI (and CC64 sustain pedal support in the synth), it would work very well indeed. Switching between a sequencer to write parts, and Musescore to notate them, this works, but ideally the ideas would originate and be developed in Musescore, and the music brought into the DAW afterward to flesh out the VIs and polish up the sound.

Even now, using ASIO gives acceptable latencies to allow for realtime "performance" (I hesitate to say performance, but playing Musescore as an instrument). Please, I hope you will consider supporting this workflow as a valid and worthwhile effort.

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I agree with Marcato's point about workflow. It would be great to be able to play (i.e. compose and/or tweak the arrangement, especially rhythmic aspects of it) in Musescore itself and not having to change between programs every time, just hit "N". In my case at least it would be a great benefit to the creative process.

This issue is very dear to me. As a musician, latency is one of those things to which I'm very sensitive. I'm on Windows 7 and the latency using a USB midi controller is untenable.

If there is anything I can do to rectify this matter, financially or otherwise, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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