Opening a score doesn't load synthesizer defaults.

• Mar 28, 2016 - 16:25
S4 - Minor

In synthesizer.xml I set the volume close to maximum. If I open the musescore program I see the volume close to max, but if I double click on a score I see the volume set close to 50% which is the original value, before saving the defaults.


I can't reproduce.

* Run mscore -F to be make sure state is clean
* Go to Synthesizer and change the volume to the max
* Store the settings as default
* close MuseScore
* Run MuseScore again
* Check the synthesizer, the volume is max
* Open a score
* The volume is still max

I think the point is to not start MuseScore "normally" but instead start it directly by double clicking a score in your file broswer. In these cases we do seem to skip ceertain initializations.