Remembering last opened tabs/size of layout

• Apr 7, 2016 - 14:54

Hi everyone,

I've had a look and couldn't find the answer to my question, so if I've missed it somehow, please someone let me know.

I've just installed MuseScore 2.0.3 on my MacBook Pro (Yosemite) and find that as with the nightly builds and my 2.0.2 installation, it doesn't remember the last tabs I had open nor can I seem to make it open full screen (i.e. not as a small box in the centre of the screen).

If anyone knows how to do the above, I would greatly appreciate you letting me know.

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The default is to open with an empty score. If you prefer it to reload the scores you had open last time, go to Edit / Preferences and set the "Continue last session" option.

It should automatically remember the last window size. Not sure if that works with the actual "full screen" option (which I gather works differently for Mac than other systems), biut it should work with ordinary window size setting, or the "Maximized" setting.

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So I have it backwards for Mac? Full screen mode is remembered, but maximized is not? The difference is normally that "maximized" would normally still show the window decoratioms (eg, window title, close and minimize buttons); full screen mode normally would not. But again, I am fuzzy on the details for Mac - I just know they do things differently.

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Definitions are correct—maximized:
Full screen:
Full screen.png
And normally, if the window is maximized, that's saved from one session to the next; and normally, if the window is is full screen, that's not saved. That's normally the way things work, but in the case of MuseScore, if the window is maximized (as in the first image above), then on the next session it becomes this:
The only way to get MuseScore to open maximized is to quit from full screen.

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Thanks, Marc.

Making it full screen (I actually meant "maximised" when I first posited my question) and then closing it has made it open maximised, so everything's sorted now.

Thanks to all who replied.

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The problem with MuseScore opening as a small box in the center of the screen is a known issue: #71416: Main window becomes tiny after being maximized The best advice I can offer is that if you leave MuseScore actually in full screen when you quit (i.e., actually click the green button), then when it reopens the window will be full-size (though not in full screen).

You'll find one of the first options in MuseScore's Preferences is to "Continue last session."

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