Glitch/Broken sound.

• Apr 9, 2016 - 14:36

The recent two updates have been wonderful, to date. But, I have had serious issues with the sound of the string "Tremolo" sticking horribly, and dragging out even when playback has stopped. Is there a file I can download to fix/replace the broken sound? And if needed, I can record my issue, and email it.


There do seem to be issues with the "tremolo" versions of strings sounds, to the point where I'd recommon not using them. Just use the actual tremolo symbols from the palettes to create tremolos rather than using that sound. It's possible a different soundfont might not have the problem (see the Handbook under "Soundfont"), but you're better off using the tremolo symbols in any case because that is what the human musicians reading your score will need to see as well.

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