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• Apr 10, 2016 - 23:27

Hello everyone,

I've been trying to add a Croatian instrument set to the instruments.xml file, and I don't know why but they won't appear in my instrument list. Attached is my XML code. I've actually commented all the rest of the instruments from the instruments.xml file so that after the Articulation tags and before the closing musescore tag all I have is my instrumentGroup, but it's not appearing. Any suggestions?

It used to work on the old MuseScore 1.x, but I can't seem to get it working properly since 2.0

Many thanks in advance!


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Your code may be OK but there may be a problem with where MS is looking for the Instruments.xml file. I'm sorry but I don't know the location of this files for every OS; suggest you search your file system for this file and see where the latest one resides.

How are you telling MuseScore you want to use this file? The supported way is to go to Edit / Preferences / Score and set the "Instrument list 2" to your file (which should contain only your instruments - leave the default file alone, and don't duplicate its content in your file).

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When I first downloaded 1.x, I just simply edited the xml file, and it worked fine. I guess in retrospect I could've/should've just created my secondary file.

File location is fine--it looks in one of two places, and I have them same thing in both spots.

So now I have two files (I still had the original instruments.xml), and my second one called tambura.xml -- do these look okay to you?

When I go to create a new score and change the drop down selection to All instruments, I don't see "Croatian instruments"

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tambura.xml claims to be in UTF-8, but is not. It uses incorrect encoding for the Č in Čelo and and for the č in Brač. With those corrected, the Croatian instruments are shown.

It is a bit strange that no errors are printed when loading that 'bogus' file, not even in a debug build from master.

Would you want these to be included in the standard distribution? Not as a category of their own I guess, but under plucked strings and as ethnic?

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Ah, the encoding! I knew it was something "simple"! ;-)

I changed it to Windows-1250 and all is good.

I think it would be great to include them in the standard distribution! I couldn't find really good sound files for them, but the nylon string guitar and acoustic bass are fine... how would I go about requesting this?

Thank for your help!!

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