No Sound =[

• May 9, 2011 - 15:09

Hi there,

I installed musescore today, but I have no sound, the soundfont file is there and I have the capability for sound but none is forthcoming. the sound options are greyed out and I cannot enter the synthesizer section of the display menu. Please help. I am using Windows 7.

Mark Houghton


Turn up volume on ur computer, but close other windows that may emit sounds. This is how i fixed my problem. I used to have volum on 5% and now for muse score i need 60%.

I've had a similar problem with Version 1.0 which was not present with earlier versions. Elsewhere another user suggested there's a // reference which should be /. He said it should be easy to fix, but I wasn't sure how, until I tried going back up a level in the synth settings box, to 'MuseScore'. I found that instead of templates there is another option, C:/Program Files/MuseScore/sound/TimGM6mb.sf2. I inserted that and it worked immediately. This would be consistent with the wrong // text, I would have thought. Hope it works for you.

I just downloaded version 1.0 for Mac OS X and when I start it I get the following error:
Loading SoundFont "/Users/Dad/Desktop/"
failed. Playback will be disabled.
I had the previous version and one of the files got deleted, I thought if I upgraded it should be fixed. It's not.

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