Creating one score from several files

• Apr 18, 2016 - 19:01

I've just finished transcribing the movements from a mass and would like to create one score from the several files, with consecutive page numbers. I have tried to use the 'create album function' (mac: File -> Album) with little success. Once I have added the files and asked it to create a new score, it tells me "Error while creating score from album.", but not why. Can anyone help?

If it helps any; the mass have been transcribing is early Josquin, with modern notation and musica ficta above the stave. It is for performance use, hence the mix of styles.


In order to underestand what is going wrong, we'd need you to attach the files you are using and give precise step by step instructions to reproduce the problem.

BTW, note that in order for the feature to work well, the scores should have the same number and order of staves.

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