Ties as lascia vibrare (l.v.) and in arpeggios?

• May 17, 2011 - 14:00

Hello! Is it possible to put a tie on a note (as a l.v. sign) without connecting it to the next note (see attached example picture no. 1)? Also, is it possible to use ties in arpeggiated music (see attached example picture no. 2)? I have achieved this only using slurs, but I am not satisfied with this solution because it is not the function of slurs.

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You can add “l.v.” ties as text items. Click on a note, then press Ctrl+T to enter text mode. Then select the “Special Text Symbols” palette (the little box at the very lower left of the screen) and choose either of the two ties -- upper curving or lower curving. You can then adjust their size by changing the font size.

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Tie in arpeggio is not possible. It's better use slurs. It's indeed a nice corner case.
l.v. ties could be achieved with tie or slurs and editing them with double click.

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