Python Plugins

• May 20, 2011 - 15:29

It is possible to write MuseScore plugins in JavaScript, which is a great feature.
However, I recommend strongly to also add a Python binding since Python is easier to learn and the development time is usually much shorter than in JavaScript.

This could be a real enhancement to MuseScore: I believe that a lot of people would start to develop plugins because it's so easy with Python. (At least one python plugin developer would be there for sure: Me.)

The implementation of such a Python binding could be made in two different ways:
One just implement it in C(++) with the Python C-API.
Alternatively, one could write a small Python wrapper that calls the appropriate JavaScript commands with the help of something like python-spidermonkey or pyv8.

I would really love to have python plugins in MuseScore and would develop a lot of them!


I'm starting to learn Python, my course is very Data oriented, but i'm a musician and sound engineer. I started to learn python to do software related to audio.

I hope to one day contribute with muse score.

If you have some material about that, so i can start studying, please let me know, i still a beginner in the programing field, but i hope soon i will be able to start coding something useful. =)

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