can't change instrument font

• May 23, 2011 - 19:47
Graphical (UI)
S4 - Minor

In v 1.0.3996, I cannot change the font for instrument names.

- I used to be able to select the instrument names, but this no longer works.
- In Stave Properties, there is no way to specify the font
- In Text Settings, changing InstrumentsLong has no effect.

I've tried deleting the name of the instrument in Stave Properties, then adding it back in. The result was that the font changed, but not to the one specified in InstrumentsLong. This only happened for the first of four instruments, so that now the first font is different from the remaining three, and none are to my liking.

Can someone help me with this?


In general, when asking a question, it is better to do it in the forums rather than the issue tracker.

In 1.0, you can only set the font for instrument names *before* creating the instruments. If you wish to change the font for existing names, you need to make the font change (style->edit text style->instrument long/short) then go to each instrument, delete the name, and type a new one. Not fun, I agree, which is why you'll probably want to create your own empty template with your font settings the way you like them. The next version of MsueScore will be much better in terms of text handling.

Thanks for your help, Marc. I had already tried your instructions before posting the first time, though, and they didn't work.

I think my first post was unclear -- what I meant was that I was able to change the font only once (using your method), for one instrument. The new font wasn't what I expected, and all further attempts to change it failed.

In the meantime, I fixed my font problem by creating four new instruments, copying the old parts to the new ones, deleting the old instruments, and manually re-entering all the old system markings that had been associated with the old instruments. Fun, indeed!

P.S. Thanks for pointing out forum vs. issue tracker; I'll pay closer attention next time.

Right, not fun. But it really *is* possible to change fonts using the method I described. Sometimes changes aren't seen until you close and reopen the score, though. In the case of staff text, it often seems to help to close and reopen the score after changing the text style but before deleting and retyping the staff names.