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• Sep 7, 2008 - 01:37

Please, please, is there anybody working on (or willing to...) a MacOSX port of Musescore? Or are there any plans to do so?
The only solution for Mac is some kind of virtual machine at the moment (as far as I know) which is not exactly it...
There is a lot of musicians using Macs and I am sure they would appreciate a native version of Musescore. (I definitely would!)
Good piece of work anyway! And good luck with the development!


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I might be able to give a shot at compiling MuseScore to mac. However, I am in no way experienced with macs. I just happen to have one available. I have used MuseScore on linux earlier and on that platform I am quite familiar with the compiling process.

I have started to prepare my mac for the builds, but It is still far from ready. As I have not had the time to go through all the requirements etc.

However I will most likely need quite a bit of assistance in putting things together.

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Hi Frye,

The best thing would be to move the discussion to the mailing list, rather than the forum. Most of the hard core developers prefer the mailing list which you can subscribe on via:
Once subscribed on the mailing list, you can use the Nabble frontend for communicating via the web:

I'm sure everyone will welcome you and try to help you out. There are lots of users waiting with impatience for a mac build.

A message to the developers: would it help if I apply to a foundation for funding to get some of this OS X work started?

I know that this creates its own problems in terms of some people getting paid and some not, and there's no guarantee that the funding application would be successful, but it might help to kickstart the OS X development if someone is paid to do it.

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In order to avoid some issue regarding sponsored work, perhaps we could put some effort on finding a mac developer. I'm not a mac user, but I presume there must be specific mac developer websites where we could post this request. Setting up this campaign doesn't cost anything but time.

I presume there are schools, teachers, students who really would like musescore for mac. If we could put a face on the musescore for mac request (name of the school, ...), it might help to persuade someone to help us out.

I hope by now that you were all informed about the MuseScore alpha release for Mac.
Perhaps a short update: we are currently stuck in this alpha stage. Joachim, the mac developer has posted his latest update ( ) over one month ago. No improvements since then. We currently miss some eyeballs to get to a stable release.

Lasconic, who is the MuseScore package manager for the moment, is dedicated to put some time on this matter but he has no Mac himself. Is there someone who can setup a mac and offer him access over the net? Via the terminal and/or screen sharing?

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