Graphics locations in Linux file system ?

• Feb 25, 2009 - 10:24

Where are the graphics held ?
Notes, buttons , panel buttons, mixer buttons etc ?



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As there is a more global effort in this direction it would be fruitless to work separate to the re-branding project ......

In this event I would like to submit several png files to the re-branding project (I may be able to dig out the original PSD files)

These images are of UI graphics I created (skins) for a media player aprox year 1999/2000 in a variety of styles.... Mainly texture / color based... ie.... no 'babe' or 'football' themes. So... possibly useful.
One...shiny black
One 'Stone' (mac itunes mk1 look)
One... Shiny metal
One... Amiga OS 'ish

etc etc

Several sets of 'animatable' play buttons, mixer sliders etc etc which may be of use to the project...even if they only initiate some idea's

who do I email them to.....?

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If you can compress it to a 2 MB zip file, you may always attach it to a comment on this topic.
Otherwise you can send it to info at musescore dot org and we can ftp them manually to the server space and make it available to the ones who wish to work it into the software.

I can of course still present it to the teacher who is assigning the tasks to the students. Perhaps he sees this fit into the schools project scope. Fingers crossed ;-)

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Regarding the rebranding project David is talking about: there is absolutely no certainty that the MuseScore skin + icons will be taken into the rebranding project. I would even say probably not simply because the students involved are not actual MuseScore users. Still, it's definitively needed to complete the full MuseScore rebranding goal. So any effort to make the skin and icons nicer, is very welcome.

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I do a bit of manual coded site design so I could ftp stuff myself.

However... Im sure a zip would be well under 2 meg

Best way to view the files would be to install deliplayer2 under xp or vista and fire up the app... its abandonware tho.. but dp2 can still be found out there. and is still a good audio player for windows..

Here is a link to a deliplayer2 download for windows

I will have to hunt down the skins on my hard drive and post on this thread. (the skins that come with the app are rubbish (but not my choice)

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Tiny Tiling Backgrounds and Viz strips


If you can use any of the skins/backgrounds in MuseScore or parts of the skins... feel free.

When I did them I was very conscious of trying to make them look clean.
At the time there was a fashion rebellion against bulky UI's so the layout was very crampt .. Today with fully animated UI's and huge resolutions and huge memory averages these gfx look tiny ... but at the time they were a bit decadent for your average PC enthusiast. resource hungry unnecessary memory hogging etc etc

For what its worth... I like the Cargo skin. ... or the Black skin... (which I cant find yet)

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