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• Sep 7, 2008 - 08:25

It's an excellent tool, but there are some suggestion:
Pls implement the Help, the Guide command is "poor"
during the performance: some changes request are effectively after click "apply" i.e. change the left space of clef, but if I wanna change the font of Lyrics or Chords after clicking "apply" I must save, close the job and re-open it.
should be very good to have detailed instructions "how to" write the chords: for simple chords no problem, but if I have to write i.e. A7 #5b9 it becomes a little bit complicate.
For writing down chords there is a very interesting tool called "Add" it seems to make easy to do the it, but "How it works"?
last one in portable version ( but laso in the desktop version) to open X-musescore I have to click twice the icon musescore.exe ... why?
many thanks


Regarding the help, an handbook is being worked on. Feel free to help ;)
Regarding chords, you can modify a chord by right clicking -> harmony properties (not sure it was in for 0.9.2)
Last the launch, I experiment this sometimes too. I have to run twice the exe file.

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I've just downloaded Mscore for linux (Ubuntu 8.04) it seems to perform better than Window version but :-((((( I can't edit the chords name ( as in window do normally) by right clicking the chord and choose harmony properties 'cause it shows me a little window with just only one choice " Piccolo" property :-(((((((((((
is it correct or there is something wrong I do?
many thanks

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Could you upgrade the musescore version? According to my knowledge, the Ubuntu package maintainer released a new version recently. Search for mscore and upgrade it. Most likely, it will resolve the problem.
it works on Windows because it is a much more recent version.

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Right... I'll try It
Let me tell a little suggestion "in the language list there isn't italian language" is it possible to read the forum "also" in italian language?:-)
Many thanks

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There is indeed no Italian language yet, but it's very simple to add it and have the musescore website interface completely in Italian.

However, the content still needs to be translated: the menu page at the right and optionally the handbook as well. Translating the menu pages takes around 1 hour, the handbook may take around 4 hours in total. All content is easily translated within the website. Would you be interested to translate the menu pages?

Regarding your question about the forum: for the moment, there is only an English forum because the MuseScore project does not have critical support mass yet for other languages. If at least 2 MuseScore users would come forward and show interest to give support in the a non-English forum, we could consider setting up this forum.

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I'd like to but I'm not skilled enough in translation the specific words relevant music, I' m studying Vocal since 2005, my need it's just to transpose the melody ( with chords) in order to to fit to my voice....:-)

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