Musescore is 3.4cents sharp of Concert Pitch

• Jun 2, 2011 - 07:24

I want to use Musescore to make etudes to practice the violin along with. I want A to be 440hz. I checked the pitch accuracy of Musescore WAV files with a Petersen Strobo-soft tuner and found all the pitches to be 3.4cents higher than concert pitch. I checked other reliable sources for Concert Pitch and my tuner registered them accuratley so it is not my tuner. If the concert pitch could be lowered to 439.1367245hz that would compensate for the 3.4cents, but only adjustments of 1/10 of a cent could be made.

I wonder if there are other users who practice to Musescore not realizing that they may be really out of tune if they tune their instruments to 440hz.

I would appreciate any way to solve this problem as Musescore is a fabulous program otherwise and I would like to be able to use it again if it could be made to play in Concert Pitch.


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