Better default placement of dynamic markings for percussion

• May 2, 2016 - 10:50

MuseScore 2.0.3 Revision 3c7a69d

I am new to setting multi-instrument scores, so I may be missing some obvious solution.

But here's the problem: the MuseScore default position for dynamic markings works well for a 5-line stave. But when the percussion parts use a 1-line stave, the dynamic is placed so far below that it visually links to the next instrument beneath the current stave. It would be great if the dynamic in such percussion cases could default somewhat higher.

The image shows the mf   mark for the Snare Drum apparently referring to the Cymbal part (which is silent at this point):


This to me is one of the main things we should try to address for MuseScore 3 (above and beyond what is already being addressed). We need a way to specify a distance below *the staff*, not just below the top line of the staff. That, or a way to specify different style settings for some staves. Ideally, a combination of both.

Anyhow, for now, enter the dynamics normally, then when you are all done, right click one dynamic on that staff, Select / All Similar Elements on Same Staff, and adjust the position using the Inspector.

Another way is to create your own custom dynamics:
Enter a string of beats/notes. Add a different dynamic to each one. Right-click on each of the dynamics in turn, choose Text properties and change the vertical offset to 5 (or thereabouts) for dynamics placed under the beat and -2 for dynamics you wish to place over the beat. Now you can [Ctlr][Shift]drag each dynamic to an empty box on a custom palette and you can use them later as they retain their properties when adjusted in this way,

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