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• May 9, 2016 - 22:21

This is as basic as it gets but I am not managing to make it work. I simply want to change the distance between my lines of music.

The example is in very early form but you will see that the space between the lines (ie between the lyrics and the next line of music) is unnecessarily large.

I have tried every combination of the parameters on Style > General > Page that I can think of to no effect - except the rather strange one that when I decrease the minimum system distance the line spacing increases.
I am coming back to Musescore after a couple of years and am pretty rusty as well as having upgraded to 2.0....I am sure there is a very simple way to do this, help would be much appreciated.


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Hey Andrew:
Style->General->Page: Min. System Distance. Increase this to taste and it should belittle those gaps: e.g. 11.5sp.
Enjoy your work :)

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Thanks for the quick reply. That did not work. I tried your suggestion of Min Sys Distance 11.5sp, on its own no effect, then combined with a lower staff spacing no effect, then combined with lower grand staff spacing, no effect.

Also why would increasing minimum system distance decrease line spacing?

Thanks again Andrew

I don't know how your imagination is, but perhaps you will like the attached example. I decreased the "Max. system distance" in Style > General > Page and increased the vertical offset of the "Lyrics odd lines" in Style > Text.

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This time I double-checked. Minimizing the Max. System Distance down to 8sp or so definitely belittled the staff spacing. As with KHS' reply, change the lyric's vertical offset to taste, but be aware that there is an odd & even attribute so only every other line would be affected if only one were changed.
P.S. It seems that the Max & Min System Distance are in relation to each other where one's value affects the way the other's value gives effect.

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