Grace notes at the end of a bar? Help please

• May 10, 2016 - 14:43

Hello Friends

I am making an arrangement of Fauré's Pavane and there is a bar which has a semibreve with two grace notes at the end of the bar. When I attach them to the semibreve, they come up in the middle of the bar or, if I attach them to the first beat of the next bar, they are placed after the barline. Can anyone advise how to place them just before the barline please? Thank you very much. Dan


If you use one of the "grace note after" icons, it should work correctly and does for me. Sounds like you are using one of the "grace note before" icons instead?

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If the instructions I gave you don't work, we'd need you to attach *your* score - the actual MSCZ file you are working on, not just a picture of what you want it to look like. Normally, clicking a note then double-clicking one of the "grace note after" icons works perfectly, so if it isn't for you, it could be something very unusual about your particular score, which is why we'd need you to attach it in order to see what might be going on. But I think simply using the correct grace note icons - the ones *after* the note, not the ones *before* - will work. If you aren't seeing those icons, be sure you are in the "Advanced" workspace rather than "Basic" - see the control at the bottom of the Palettes window.

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It could be that if you have done manual tweaks to the layout in your current scores, you might have to rework some of them, as some bugs with regards to the default position of some elements have been fixed.

Installing 2.0.3 replaces 2.0.0. It can open all scores created since 0.9.6 (or perhaps even 0.9.5).
I would most certainly advise you to update; you're currently missing out on over 350 bugfixes and about a dozen new features!

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