shared noteheads and voices

• May 13, 2016 - 17:39

These seem to be the rules for sharing noteheads between voices:

1 1 N/A
1 2 shared
1 3 unshared
1 4 shared

2 3 shared
2 4 unshared

3 4 shared

I don't know enough about voices - is this intentional?


Not quite. It's not about voice number but about stem direction. Notehead sharing is something we do for notes with *opposite* stem directions. For notes with the *same* stem direction - including unisons within a single voice - by default the noteheads are not shared. But you can use "Shift+X" to flip a notehead to the opposite side of the stem in which case it is of course shared with the other note, or simply mark the note on the wrong side invisible (press "V").

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