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• Jun 15, 2011 - 22:37

I need to import files generated in SongWright. They have names like Gloria.Eb for Gloria in the key of E flat. I could output MIDI files but info is lost that way.


MusicXML is the universal standard for exchange between notation applications. If SongWright can export to that format, then MuseScore can import it.

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They have no web site, having gone out of business a decade ago. They never converted to a Windows format for the product. The only outputs I see in the manual are file, MIDI, and printer language--no MusicXML. We published a whole hymnal using the program as well as missals where the music was printed from SongWright and then pasted in. I have a backup copy of the software on a 5 1/4" floppy--at least I hope that's what "SongWright V Backup" and "Symbol.*" means--and I am having it transcribed to a CD.

The best way would be to convert these files to MusicXML before importing them in MuseScore. How a,y files do you have? Can you attach a couple to see how they look like?

I have never heard of SongWright. Please post a URL for this software so we can understand more and help with your query.

As mentioned in a later comment, MusicXML is the standard interchange format amongst music typesetting programs.

MIDI only contains note information - onvelocity (volume), note, and duration information only.

I found with Google this script which should convert Songwright files into abc format: sw2abc.
(I did not check if it really works; and I also don't know how to use it.)
(sw2abc - half way down the page)

If the process succeeds, you can try to import the abc file through the plugin

[ In case someone wants to try to write a Songwright import this script can be a starting point. ]

I have used this software for many years. It is an excellent software, and easy to use. I am sorry they are out of business. I had a house fire recently and lost my computer and most of my programs. I was able to have a company retrieve much of the data from my hard drive, but I am missing one of the sub-programs named "Perform" from the original disk. I would like to purchase the software if anyone still has a complete copy. I have never tried to convert it to any other format except with "Cakewalk" which a store owner said would translate it, but it failed to work. Please E-Mail me if you have any questions about how to operate the program. It runs fine on my Windows XP except I can't use the Perform function due to the missing sub-program. It is midi capable and multi-voice capable and can also print the scores and lyrics on a printer. I have composed many songs and used it to transpose background music to keys to fit vocalists at the local high schools for choirs, soloists, etc. My email address is:

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