Document how to scan a score and import into Musescore

• Jun 16, 2011 - 05:38

Not sure if this should be in Feature Request or Documentation.

A frequently asked question is how to scan a score and enter into Musescore.
The answer is to use another program to do the scanning then save in MusicXML format.
Next, import into Musescore.

Here is a partial list of programs - they are all commercial programs.






I'm trying to submit a scanned PDF file of an early 19th century score for conversion to MuseScore using MuseScore's implementation of Audiveris. I tried scanning the page with two different applications (one the HP scanning software that came with my scanner/printer, the other with Adobe Scan (on my iPhone). Both scans failed to be converted. Does anyone have experience scanning and submitting PDF files of old (early 19th century) scores? Thanks

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I picked out a score I scanned in to a JPEG, put it in a PDF with LibreOffice draw, and uploaded it. The result came back in under a minute (it blinks every few seconds to show it's working, I guess) and the result missed a few notes but it was fairly accurate.

I've atch'd the jPEG, see if your scan was as good a quality.

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