WAV/OGG Export bugs - 1.0 and nightly

• Jun 18, 2011 - 20:04

(I had post this as a reply to another report, but it grew up a little so I created a new post.)

The WAV / ogg / flac exporter is ignoring the Reverb and Volume settings on the synth and using the maximum levels, so exports are terribly loud and reverbered.

I am using the windows version 1.0 and the default TimGM6mb.sf2 soundfont. Also found these related small issues:

1. Reverb slider playback: When I open museScore, the reverb slider on the synth is reset at about 70%. (it is bad that it resets, for starters). But the real reverb I listen is that was set before closing last session. In other words, If I dry the reverb to zero and then restart musescore, i hear no reverb, even with the slider at 70% again. But if I slightly drag the reverb slider, the change takes effect.

2. Export to audio. It seems that the export uses the maximum values for reverb and volume, ignoring the Synth window settings. I just exported the composition with minimum Vol and Rev in the synth window, and the OGG or WAV file is extremely loud and echoed.

The only way to export a dry audio file is to turn down the Rev controls on the mixer. This is not a workaround but a confirmation of the bug - even when the 'effects' on the mixer are high, turning down the Rev knob of each channel prevents the effect to be applied.

3. As a related bug, when changing the soundfont file in the synth window, the Reverb of each instrument in the mixer is reset to zero on the playback. The knobs in the mixer remain the same, but no reverb is done. I have to slightly move the knobs so the reverb value has effect.


1. and 2. are now fixed for MuseScore 1.1. (r4397)
Number 3 is more complicated.

Note that the settings in "synthesizer" are not per score basis and not saved in the score but only application wide settings. The settings in Mixer are saved in the file and are "portable".

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I wonder why no. 3 is so complicated. Musescore just forgets to apply the Rev level on the mixer to the instruments before playback.

Glad that issues 1 and 2 are already solved! Musescore output can be beautiful with certain soundfonts, far better than a midi playback on the default system synth.

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I use Musescore Ubuntu version 1.2 (rev 5470) each time I export my music to ogg format volume is very loud and pops. I tried to set mixer and synthetiser volumes very low, it reduces playback volume but it doesn't reduce the ogg volume... Is this bug really fixed ?

Thank you for this great software :)

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