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Forum topic MuseScore 4. Moving from notation software to composition software. Anatoly-os 443 3 weeks ago
Issue Lack of Capabilities in the Custom Time Signature Creator Jason Turk 29 4 weeks ago
Forum topic Fretboard plugin dmitrio95 79 1 month ago
Forum topic Idea for enhancing Insert mode for using in rewriting rhythms Marc Sabatella 15 1 month ago
Forum topic Big Time Signatures minionmax 35 6 months ago
Forum topic What Do *You* Use MuseScore For? Marc Sabatella 116 6 months ago
Issue Copy and paste honoring actual time signatures of selection ChurchOrganist 55 6 months ago
Issue Support for large time signatures Isaac Weiss 21 8 months ago
Issue Issues with time signature parentheses glyphs in Emmentaler and Gonville elerouxx 6 10 months ago
Forum topic Cutaway courtesy clefs in 3.6 nightly don't show before time signatures David McCaulley 2 11 months ago
Issue Lines: when end handles are adjusted with keyboard arrows, anchor point also shifts geetar 16 11 months ago
Issue Add "frame" option to text lines, to help facilitate extension lines for string numbers patspector 12 11 months ago
Issue Cutaway staves - better handling of clefs, barlines and brackets (suggestion) PhilTA 22 11 months ago
Forum topic Adding Third Stave mid-way through score with clef James-Ansley 15 11 months ago
Issue Ledger lines with staff type change Ginbu 10 1 year ago
Issue Slurs and ties don't follow Staff Change offset elerouxx 2 1 year ago
Issue Elements that need fixing after Staff Type Change elerouxx 13 1 year ago
Issue Ledger Lines misaligned when using arbitrary staff line distances elerouxx 6 1 year ago
Issue (Suggestion) Adding a simple staff preview to the Staff Type Change icon elerouxx 19 1 year ago
Issue FR: allow changing staff visibility mid-score adam.spiers 10 1 year ago
Issue Additive Time Signatures Do Not Appear Properly in the Gonville Font LilD0za 5 1 year ago
Issue True dotted lines worldwideweary 12 1 year ago
Forum topic Dual Time Signatures wfazekas1 26 1 year ago
Forum topic Cut-time symbol in jazz font abnyc 25 1 year ago
Forum topic New music notation font kuribas 36 1 year ago