Ledger lines with staff type change

• Jun 2, 2019 - 22:34
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When I try to put in a staff type change (located under text), the ledger lines don't move with it.
Here's what it looks like before I change the offset:
Here's what it looks like after I change the offset:
Is there any way to fix this or is this inevitable?


The bad workaround is to select all notes and change the y offset to -2, but that probably wont make additional ledger lines.

I got a possible fix coded here (so the ledger lines follow the offset).
however, the 'step offset' on the Staff Change inspector also seems broken and I'm trying to figure it out too.
I would like to understand better what is 'step offset' for, in real world uses.
To me, an example would be: I change the staff to ONE line. I then set Offset to 2.0 so the line looks centered with the previous staff.
BUT this single line is still a F (first line of the 5-line staff) so I use 'step offset' to compensate for that?

In the attached image, first staff shows the ledger lines show properly on a single staff with an offset +2 so it looks aligned to the previous measure. But now the F note is on that first line (would be fixed)
Second staff shows the same, plus a 'step offset' of -4. The F note is now at the same height than before and the single line would be a B. But ledger lines not follow (would need fix too).

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