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• Dec 21, 2019 - 19:03

I know there are already multiple requests for this feature but I simply want to explain why this is so important.
For example when writing for a big ensemble it is sometimes a pain in the butt for conducters to read time signatures.
This especially becomes a problem when the composition involves multiple time signature changes in quick succession such as in film music.
Including this in the style menu as a checkbox titled: "create big time signatures" followed by the number of staves covered by the time signature would be the easiest way to make this feature accessible.
I know this is probably very specific but I really do need this feature in my Life.

Thank you in advance because you guys really rock,

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@Shoichi This is indeed an improvement, but the convention as I've seen it (and as shown in the example posed by the OP) is to have the time signature span several staves - usually covering entire instrument families. ie. all brass, or all strings. While the example you've shown is considerably larger and easier to read, I'm concerned that it would really interfere with the rest of the score layout. Still, it is an improvement.

In my younger years, I took the habit of using a child's primer pencil to mark time signatures on difficult scores.

[EDIT] Upon a little bit of experimentation, I can see that your option does appear quite flexible, and could probably do the job with at little tweaking. For example, setting the vertical scaling at 10 and the horizontal to 2.5 will give a single time signature that can easily cover four staves. Setting the other time signatures to invisible completes the process. It still looks a little ungainly, but does the trick.

I withdraw any reservations I had about this approach. Still, it would be nice to have this kind of time signature display available without the added gymnastics.

I don't know how feasible it would be, but to have a feature where you could change the font time signatures independent of music font (ie. Bravura, Gonville, etc.) would be very very useful. That way, you could change the size of a sans-serif font time signature with the existing set up.

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