Adding Third Stave mid-way through score with clef

• Apr 13, 2019 - 23:59

I am trying to write something that has a third stave for the last few bars. I've done this a few times by selecting the option to hide unused staves. This option will, however, draw the whole line if there are notes on it when I only want the last few bars to be drawn. When making the empty bars on this line invisible, any clefs in those bars are also made invisible.
I have also found that the option to hide unused staves still leaves the stave drawn at the start of the piece and even when making it invisible it still takes up the space it took before making a large gap in the score.
Is there any way to achieve the effect shown below in musescore?


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Hopefully a solution is on its way, but just a tip to force a measure visibility: instead of a fake note, insert a staff text and paint it white (or alpha transparent).
Invisible text doesn't work but you can use a white/transparent text, and you can drag this text to a palette so you can reuse it later

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Put it in a palette and it's only work once, after that you can apply it like any other text from the palette. I suggest you right click this text when it's in the palette, choose properties and check the "Draw Staff" option so it will look like something rather than an empty cell.

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