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• Jun 20, 2011 - 03:30

In the attached example, you can see there's a whole system (piano - main instrument) with nothing in it. The piano starts again in the next system - not shown here.

How would this work in MS?

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Well, as long as "hide empty staves" was turned off, you could get that piano part but then, you would also get empty staves for the synth part throughout. This is a great example of why further control over that ption is needed - either per system or per instrument or both.

Thanks for your suggestions.

I think you could apply something from the palette (or wherever - not sure about plug-in?), and there would be something special to indicate your selected bars are exempt from Hide Empty Staves (unless you enter a note, in which they are no long except) - applying it would delete any existing notes in each bar.

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Seems I had tried entering a variety of elements hoping they would suppress Hide Empty Staves, but nothing except an actual note seemed to do the trick. Ultimately, a special element that was created specifically for that purpose might be a good way to go.

My idea for the plugin would just be a shortcut to entering an invisible, zero-velocity note.


I'm interested in another related feature: could it be possible to hide a system which is not empty? The audio playback only plays what a given part contains. You may for example have a flute/piano duo with separate parts for each instrument and you may want to hear both instruments while reading either part score, but for the moment I assume it is not possible to do so?

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You can mark an instrument (not a system) invisible in the Edit > Instruments window, after which it will not appear on the score, but still sound.

Or in a part, you can in the mixer uncheck the option to play that part only, which will reveal all the other tracks/parts there as well.

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