• Mar 4, 2009 - 06:53

Running XP
MuseScore 0.9.4

Following the instructions in the handbook for tuplets - In a measure on the tenor voice staff, 3/4 time, I entered two quarter note rests, then a quarter note (G below the staff) and "control 3" to start the tuplet. An eighth note G and two eighth note rests appear with the triplet notation above and all seems well. I then entered an eighth note at the first rest for the second note in the triplet (so far so good) but when I entered the third eighth note to complete the triplet, a quarter note appears and the first two eighth notes and the triplet notation disappears.

Any guidance?



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Thanks Werner. I'm running 0.9.4 downloaded 10 days ago so I believe it's the latest version.

On further experimentation, the triplet function works where there is no notation in the same measures on the staves above the measure I am working in.

For example on the three staves above the measure I want to enter the triplet, I have already entered: a quarter note rest and a half note; an eighth note rest, an eighth note and a half note; a half note, an eighth note and an eighth note rest respectively. In other words lots of variety. The triplet won't take in the lower measure.

Later on in an empty measure I successfully entered the triple I wanted and then successfully entered the other parts in the same measure on the upper staves.

It seems I have to enter triplets before entering any other notes in the same measure on other staves. Is this correct?



I followed your instructions but I am not able to reproduce the issue you are describing. Try following your own instructions on a new score and see if you left out a step.

(MuseScore 0.9.4, Windows XP)

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Thanks for delving into it. I've decided to scrap the original attempt and have started with a new score starting with the line containing the triplets and then filling in the parts above it. All seems to be going okay. If it comes up again I'll let you know.

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